Handmade by Montanans with 100% burly Montana leather.

Two akin minds

Liquid Leather was founded by brothers Ben and Luke Rainey.  Being inseparable, they've found that not only working together brings them closer, but the creative output brings this unique item to life providing added advertising potential at a low cost with high quality for businesses of any size.


A new, unique way to advertise your brand!

All of the leather used in our products comes from a Montana cattle ranch.

Collect one from each of your favorite drinking establishments!

The ergonomic and tri-snap design provide unmatched grip for even most light handed drinker.  Imbibe with the exclusive representation of your favorite brand setting yourself apart in any crowd.

Fits around any pint glass like a glove...or a jacket!

Perfect size to fold up and keep in any pocket or affix to your wrist to be ready for quick deployment.

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